About George Lerner

George Lerner is a WordPress troubleshooting and training expert who helps clients achieve rapid improvement in their online presence by providing tailored guidance and innovative solutions.

With his exceptional ability to analyze, diagnose, and troubleshoot, George has a natural understanding of the underlying meaning and potential of a situation or complex technical system, which allows him to help his clients see things from a new perspective, and provide tailored guidance.

As a technical support person, technical writer, and SEO expert, George offers comprehensive solutions to enhance website performance and user experience.

His expertise extends beyond WordPress training and troubleshooting, encompassing site security, online course design, internet marketing strategy, website accessibility, and improving website speed. He can even teach you how to have meetings that actually produce results.

He is known for making WooCommerce stores run faster while maintaining an appealing appearance, redesigning websites to be easily enhanced and expanded by his clients, and evaluating plugins and tools to enhance website security.

George’s focus is on implementing Agile-style rapid improvement in a specific area, implemented fully for everyone involved; and then working on additional enhancements.

George’s ability to make complex technical projects manageable, and his expertise in finding solutions within complex systems, have earned him a reputation as a go-to resource in the Arizona WordPress community.

His guidance on course design and marketing helps course writers connect with their ideal clients effectively. His recommendations are based on his clients’ mood and teaching styles, business intentions, and the preferences of their ideal clients.

George’s collaborative and innovative approach, combined with his analytical/evaluating personality type, makes him a trustworthy and approachable coach for individuals seeking to improve their online presence.

By working with George, you can avoid costly mistakes, overcome technical challenges, and achieve your online goals.


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